The anatomy of a Nursing Student

Did you Know ? (There are 3.5 Million nurses working in the US. 78% of them are RNs.

Starting nursing school tends to morph the average person into a new species.


Bright white scrubs all the time.
First time wearing colors is so exciting.
Proudly worn stethoscope.
Armload of medical books for studying in the spare few minutes between patients.
Sensible shoes for keeping up with fast-moving nurses.
Heavy backpack full of gloves, medical tape, clamps, scissors, a penlight and more pens than Bic, all with durg logos.



Constantly reminds everyone about health.
Would rather give a shot than drink one at the bar.
Will fight classmates over who gets to put in an NG tube.

The highest paid nursing occupations is Nurse Anesthetist. Average annual salary is: $158000.


Picks apart every medical drama on television. Yells at TV.
Talks about Gray’s anatomy not the tv show.
Constantly check vital signs.
Attempts to diagnose every symptom at home no matter how embarrassing.
Discusses bodily fluids over dinner.
Uses proper technique to apply sponge bob square pants band aids.
Social Life:
Study groups with fellow nursing students.
Practices vocabulary and technique on the family.

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