The History of Nursing Future

(Today there are over 2.9 million nurses in America Or one for every 102 Americans Caring for over 8 million Americans a day.)

Historic role of Nurses:

Phoebe- 165-180 AD

Miss Phoebe was first recorded nurse, she was sent to rome by Paul to nurse both men and women. She herself has also been a helper of many Romans 16:1-3.

Christian- 325 AD:

Christian nurses won friends through caring for the sick during smallpox epidemics. Unlike pagans before the first Council of Nicea started the construction of a hospital in every cathedral town. Caesarea ( Turkey and Constantinople were some of the earliest sites. The first hospitals included housing for doctors and nurses separate sections for lepers and space for medical and pharmacological studies.

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580 AD:

In Merida, Spain a xenodochium was established. This was an inn for travelers and hospital for citizens and local farmers.

700-800`s AD:

Emperor Charlemagne decrees old hospitals in decay to be restored.

800’s AD:

Islamic hospital at Kairouan, Tunisia founded. Male nurses attend male patients, and female nurses the women. Waiting rooms are available.

900 ’s AD:

Catholic orderof nuns- Carmelites- created to care for the sick.

1200 ‘s AD:

Dominican and Franciscan orders created, beginning a long lineage of nursing the sick.

1500’s AD:

With the Protestant Reformation comes the shutting down of monasteries and convents. Some hospitals continue in government hands.

1600-1800 AD:

Nursing ranks dissipated as women forced to remain at home.

1836’s AD:

Deaconess houses open in Germany, for women to receive training in pastoral care. They pledge five years of service in exchange.

Birth of Modern Nursing:

1860’s AD:
• Florence Nightingale lays the foundation of professional nursing in the book Notes on Nursing.
• Royal Victoria Hospital is opened by Queen Victoria to train caretakers and provide for soldiers.
• Nurses accompany troops to the field hospitals during war, with over 2000 nurses serving in the Anglo-Boer war of 1889-1902-

1874’s AD:
• Canada’s first training school opens at General and Marine Hospital.
• Progress seen in Licensing Legislation, university training nursing journals and birth of professional organizations.

11000 Catholic sisters running Frances 1500 hospitals.

1872’s AD:
• Linda Richards graduates as Americas first professionally trained nurse in Boston.
• American Red cross started in 1881by Clara Barton a Civil war nurse known as the angel of the battlefield.

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