NAPLEX Practice Question # 51

NAPLEX Examination.

Practice Question # 51.



Ulcer size.

  • The average duodenal ulcer typically has a diameter 1 cm; most gastric ulcers are somewhat larger (1.0 to 2.5 cm in diameter).
  • Most ulcers are sharply demarcated and have a round, oval, or elliptical shape.
  • Th e mucosa surrounding the ulcer typically is infl amed and edematous.
  • Ulcers penetrate the muscularis propria and, in some cases, extend into the serosa or even into the pancreas.
  • Fibrous tissue, granulation tissue, and necrotic debris form the ulcer base. During ulcer healing, a scar forms as epithelium from the edges covers the ulcer surface.
  • Nearly all duodenal ulcers are benign; up to 10% of gastric ulcers are malignant.

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