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Advantages and Disadvantages of Oxygen Delivery Systems

Oxygen mask


Various sizes available; delivers higher O2 concentration than cannula Able to provide a predictable concentration of oxygen (with Venturi mask) whether child breathes through nose or mouth.


  • Skin irritation
  • Fear of suffocation
  • Accumulation of moisture on face
  • Possibility of aspiration of vomitus
  • Difficulty in controlling O2 concentrations (except with
  • Venturi mask)


Nasal cannula


  • Provides low-moderate O2 concentration (22%-40%)
  • Child able to eat and talk while getting O2
  • Possibility of more complete observation of child
  • because nose and mouth remain unobstructed


  • Must have patent nasal passages
  • May cause abdominal distention and discomfort or
  • vomiting
  • Difficulty controlling O2 concentrations if child breathes
  • through mouth
  • Inability to provide mist if desired

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