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  • Veins in the hand, forearm, and antecubital fossa are suitable sites (Fig. 14-4).
  • Veins in the lower extremities (legs and feet) are not suitable for an adult client because of the risk of thrombus formation and the possible pooling of medication in areas of decreased venous return.
  • Veins in the scalp and feet may be suitable sites for infants.
  • Assess the veins of both arms closely before selecting a site.
  • Start the IV infusion distally to provide the option of proceeding up the extremity if the vein is ruptured or infiltration occurs; if infiltration occurs from the antecubital vein, the lower veins in the same arm usually cannot be used for further puncture sites.
  • Determine the client’s dominant side, and select the opposite side for a venipuncture site.
  • Bending the elbow on the arm with an IV may easily obstruct the flow of solution, causing infiltration that could lead to thrombophlebitis.
  • Avoid checking the blood pressure on the arm receiving the IV infusion if possible.
  • Do not place restraints over the venipuncture site.
  • Use an armboard as needed when the venipuncture site is located in an area of flexion.

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