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Practice Question # 819.


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Oncology (Chemotherapy ) Unit:

Chemotherapy is prescribed for the treatment of diseases, especially cancers, using specific cytotoxic agents or drugs that are destructive to malignant cells and tissues. The Medical Oncology (Chemotherapy) Unit provides for the clinical treatment and management of patients undergoing Chemotherapy treatment for cancer. The function of the Unit may include:

 Chemotherapy Administration
 Administration of blood products and/or other supportive therapies
 Blood collection
 Clinical procedures and examination
 Patient and family education and support
 Clinical trial management
 Coordination of care.

Chemotherapy can be administered by various routes:

 Intravenously – through a vein or artery e.g. PICC line, Central Venous Catheter, Porta-caths
 Injection – intramuscularly or subcutaneously
 Intrathecal – into the central nervous system via the cerebrospinal fluid
 Intra-pleural – into the chest cavity
 Intraperitoneal – into the abdominal cavity
 Intra-vesical – into the bladder
 Intra-lesional/ Intra-tumoral – directly into the tumour
 Topically – either as a cream or lotion
 Orally – as a capsule.

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