NCLEX RN Practice Question # 849

NCLEX Examination.

Practice Question # 849.


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Administration of Blood Products

When blood is transfused, it is important to keep detailed records including the following in the patient’s notes:

  • Type and volume of each unit transfu
  • Unique donation number of each unit transfused.
  • Blood group of each unit transfused.
  • Time at which the transfusion of each unit commenced.
  • Signature of the individual responsible for administration of the blood.
  • Monitor the patient before, during and on completion of the transfusion.
  • Record the time of completion of the transfusion.
  • Identify and respond immediately to any adverse effect, by stopping the transfusion.
  • Record the details of any transfusion reaction. The process starts with the request for blood, followed by the selection of the correct blood product for compatibility testing and finally the issuing of compatible blood for infusion into the patient.

Suggested rate of transfusion

Transfusion rate depends on clinical circumstances and may vary from 3‐5 mL/kg/hour to greatly increased rates for individuals in hypovolaemic shock.


Suggested rates of transfusion:

Adults                                                Rate

Whole blood                              150‐200 mL/hour

PRBC                                            100‐150 mL/hour

Platelets / plasma                    150‐300 mL/hour             

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