VIDEO: Doctors Mysteriously Found Dead After Raving About Breakthrough Cure For Cancer


The medical community has been left speechless at the discovery that several holistic doctors were found dead in apparent “suicides” over the last year, seemingly after a breakthrough cancer treatment was announced.

What is This New Treatment?

The newly developed cancer treatment involves the human protein GcMAF (Globulin component Macrophage Activating Factor). GcMAF works by activating macrophages that are already present within the human body. These macrophages can fight against and destroy cancerous cells.

What the GcMAF Website Says:

Your GcMAF empowers your body to cure itself. In a healthy person your own GcMAF has 11 actions discovered so far, including two on cells, three excellent effects on the brain, and 6 on cancer. Amongst these it acts as a ‘director’ of your immune system.

Time lapse photography over 60 hours shows the cancer monolayer … first changing from corrugated to smooth … as the cancer is destroyed. [T]hen the cancer ‘fingers’ are also eaten and destroyed by the macrophages.

Although it’s not known yet whether there is a correlation or not between these deaths, one thing’s forcertain in that it seems Big Pharma has a lot to lose by the research of these doctors who were taken too soon.
This amazing video shows GcMAF killing cancer cells:

This is amazing news for pretty much everyone – except for the multi-billion dollar cancer industry. The discovery and announcement of GcMAF’s power could put a major industry out of business – and that’s exactly why the deaths of several holistic doctors has alarmed many.

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